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Nowadays for any type of structural design. we are doing it with the help of AutoCAD software. even you can see in construction commonly designed with help of AutoCAD. For buildings, Dams, rods, etc.

even for mechanical structures AutoCAD is used for automobile design, electronics, etc. and it is important for any civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers, so here we are going to describe “what is AutoCAD”, how it is work, its uses, advantage, applications, and AutoCAD for Students.


AutoCAD for Students

What is AutoCAD | AutoCAD for students

AutoCAD is legendary software in the world of computer Aided Designing (CAD) and also drafting software applications .any types of structure design we can do in AutoCAD software.


Its first version of desktop applications came out around 1982 .and from that time to till now it has undergone continuous enhancements and modifications.


In college, it should be an important subject for students who are going to study civil, mechanical, and electrical. so in starting days of college, they can learn and can practice properly, which means AutoCAD for students is necessary.



System requirements for AutoCAD

 When we are using AutoCAD for any design it’s important that its runs smoothly in the computer system.

That’s why for a smoothly run of this we need some basic requirements of the computer system. So the following are the system requirement which is given below :

  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, windows 7/10
  • 2 GB of RAM but 3GB recommended for 32-bit
  • The processor should be 2.5-2.9 GHz
  • For 64-bit 4GB of RAM but recommended is 8GB
  • Resolution 1024×768
  • For installation need 6GB of free space.
  • With the true color capabilities, the windows display adapter capable of 1024×768
  • Recommended compliant cards are DirectX 9 or Direct X 11
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
  • NET framework version 4.5


Types of AutoCAD design

  • 2D ( Two Dimensions )
  • 3D (Three Dimensions )

2D ( Two Dimension ) design: it supports only two dimensions in a computer Added Design such as height and width .its can support the thickness of any object. 2D can design as a rectangular shape, circular shape, triangular, etc.


AutoCAD 2D drawing


Here 2D Design or drawing can be divided into three main parts

Product drawing: 2D drawings are used by industry of manufacturers and fabricators. and even most 2D drawing is made by the 3D CAD model. And all the information in 2D drawing we can print out on paper.


Construction drawing: the drawing like building, floor plan, architectural drawings, installers, and M&E drawings are comes under the construction drawing, so this is the part of the 2D drawing and can be printed and easy to read.


Line drawing: These types of drawings are just simple sketches. So, these drawings are created in AutoCAD or Assault system drafting.


AutoCAD (2D) basic commands :

1. Point command

  • Menu: Draw
  • short key: PO
  • work: To create points
  • method: single points and multiple points

2. Erase command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: E
  • Work: to delete objects from the drawing area
  • Method: by picking, crossing, and by all

3. Undo command

  • Menu: edit
  • Short key: U
  • Work: restore the previous step
  • Method : Ctrl + Z

4. Redo command

  • Menu: edit
  • Short key: Ctrl +Y
  • Work: to one step forward

5. Line command

  • Menu: draw
  • Short key: L
  • Work: to create a line
  • Method: Cartesian coordinate, relative coordinate, relatively polar, and freehand

6. Circle command

  • Menu: Draw
  • Short key: C
  • Work: to create a circle
  • Method: center radius, center diameter, 2 points, 3 points, tan radius, tan tam

7. Rectangle command

  • Menu: draw
  • Short key: Rec
  • Work: to create a rectangle
  • Method: first corner, area, dimension

8. copy command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: CO/CP
  • Work: to copy an object from a specified distance to another distance

9. move command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: M
  • Work: to move an object from a specified distance to another distance

10. Rotate command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: RO
  • Work: to rotate the object around a base point
  1. scale command
  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: SC
  • Work: selected objects are enlarged or reduced by the scale command
  1. Stretch command
  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: S
  • Work: for stretching object

13. Mirror command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: MI
  • Work: for mirroring object
  1. offset command
  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: O
  • Work: for creating concentric circles, parallels lines, and curve

15. time command

  • Menu: Modify
  • Short key: TR
  • Work: for trimming objects




3D ( Three dimensions ): in the design, AutoCAD precisely represents and visualizes objects using a collection of points in three dimensions on the computer .so, for technical documentation it replaces the manual drafting with an automated process. it’s used by architects, engineers, and other professionals.

3D model types

  • Solid modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • Wireframe modeling


What is CAD – Computer–Aided Design?

CAD is a program of computer technology that designs the products and documents, the design phase of the engineering process.


It helps the manufacturing process by transferring details diagrams of product materials, and dimensions .it can produce 2D or 3D diagrams which can help to understand the process and can view from any angle.


This is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, and optimization of a design. This is often considered an engineering program.


Who would like to use most CAD in the job?

List of some people who would like to use CAD in job:-

  • Architectures
  • Electrical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Interior designer
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Structural designer


Importance of CAD

  • Whole worlds are built using CAD
  • Every single field uses it nowadays electronics aircraft to architecture
  • Even hobby works need it like 3D printing, laser, CNC curving, and parametric modeling is the core.


AutoCAD for students

AutoCAD for students can get by two ways

  • Students activation license
  • Crack version

So here we are discussing AutoCAD for students so here I am going to explain students’ activation license method or way. To get it you have to do some basic things

  • Fresh Gmail id
  • Create Autodesk account
  • Should have Students or educator id
  • Activate the software by id


Then you can use the software for free for a complete year.


Ques :1. Can I use AutoCAD for free?

Ans: yes can, students and educators can get free one-year access to Autodesk products and services.

Ques :2.who use AutoCAD ?

Ans: it is used by students, architects, designers, engineers, and other professionals

Ques : 3. How much does AutoCAD cost?

Ans: monthly subscription is $220 and annual is $1775

Ques:4. Is AutoCAD easy to learn?

Ans: it’s a fundament program but complex, so in starting its hard to learn

Ques: 5. why do we need to study AutoCAD?

Ans: because it is the most important software for designing 2D or 3D drawing, modeling, etc


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