Civil engineering basic knowledge in 2022

 Cement, sand, and aggregate quantity in PCC slab

 suppose we are going to construct a slab of length 30ft each length and thickness is 0.5ft

 we know that for plan cement concrete work, the Grade of concrete is used M15.

 The ratio of cement: sand: aggregate is 1:2: 4

So for the calculation of material in the slab, first of all, we need to calculate the volume of the slab (V), which is equal to L*B*H= 30*30*0.5= 450cft.

So now we find the dry volume of the slab which is equal to wet volume*1.54, that is 450*1.54= 693 ft ( 1.54 is a constant value )

For the calculation of cement, we use the formula that is the ratio of cement /total ratio*dry volume, which is equal to 1/7*693= 99cft. this is the cement quantity

Now we calculate the aggregate  which is equal to the ratio of aggregate /total ratio *dry volume which is equal to 4/7*693= 396cft. this is aggregate quantity.

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