Scaffolding | types of scaffolding and their uses 2022

Scaffolding is a commonly used material in construction. its use for safety during the building construction or any height work above the floor level exceeds about 1.50m .and it also helps to keep material in a proper storage place .basically it is useful for construction, demolition, maintenance, or repair work.  so here we are going to know about scaffolding and its types and importance in the height work of any building.


What is a scaffolding

It is defined as when the height above floor level exceeds about 1.50m. a temporary structure usually of timber and sometimes iron is erected close to the work to provide a safe working place for the workers and to provide limited space for the storage of plants and building materials .this temporary framework is known as scaffolding. it is also called scaffold or staging. it is used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction .




What are the scaffolding parts?

There are some important scaffolding parts are given below

  • Standards
  • Ledgers
  • Putlogs
  • Transoms
  • Braces
  • Bridle
  • Guard rail
  • Toe board
  • Racker


these are the vertical members of the scaffolding framework and they are either supported on the ground on drums or embedded into the ground. for the increase of framework height we just need to add standards according to the structure.The whole weight of the scaffold on standards and the maximum space between the standards =2m




ledgers are the horizontal member of the framework which are perpendicular to the wall. Ledgers should be fixed to the standards and only fix the clamp used to join standards and ledgers. two joint ledgers should not come together, in the same way, .use a box clamp to join two ledgers otherwise we use a sleeve coupler



these are the transverse pieces that are placed on the ledgers and supported on the wall at one end .and they also give proper support to the ledgers and help to hold the loads on the framework. They are placed at a right angle with the wall.



these are putlogs but the difference is that both ends are supported on the ledgers .it placed inside the standard and over the ledgers. it must be fitted with the help of fix clamp. transoms pipes are to be installed every 1.5 m below the platform .and the minimum hangs from the ledgers is equal to 50mm



these are the diagonal or cross pieces on the standards. it helps to keep the standards at their fixed place.



these are the pieces that are used to bridge an opening in a wall and support one end of the putlog at the opening.


Guard rail

this is a rail provided like a ledger at the working level. it helps to keep the workers not fall to the ground.


Toe board

this is a board placed parallel to the ledger and supported between the putlogs .on which workers can stand and do their work .it is provided to work as a protective measure on the working platform.



racker is inclined to support a framework


Types of scaffolding

Scaffolding is in different types according to its need on construction sites. Some of them are given here

  • Independent scaffolding
  • Birdcage scaffolding
  • Cantilever
  • Hanging ( suspended)
  • Mobile tower
  • Patented scaffolding
  • Trestle


Independent scaffolding

it is made with the help of two standards and it can further extend by these two standards we don’t need any third standard is called independent scaffolding.



in this type, there are additional standards other than two standards called birdcage scaffolding. the additional standards can be three, four and five so on.



in this, if we need to extend the scaffold we don’t take support from the ground, we just add the additional scaffold to the existing scaffold.



in this type of scaffolding we don’t take any support from the ground .it is suspended in the air not supported from the ground .and it starts from the top to bottom.


Mobile tower

this type of scaffold is made for moving from one place to another place and it is commonly used for lower-height works. In the mobile tower at the bottom use wheel to move it here and there.


Patented scaffold

it is fully made of steel and has special types of coupling and frame .in this type have brackets and on the brackets, a working platform is formed.



in this, the working platform is supported by a tripod or ledgers .this is commonly used inside the room for work like painting, plaster, etc.






Types of scaffolding couplers

It is used to connect one pipe to another pipe in the frameworks, there are some types

  • Single coupler (put log coupler )
  • BRC ( Board Retention coupler )
  • Double coupler ( right angle coupler )
  • Swivel coupler.
  • Girder Coupler
  • Ladder coupler
  • Sleeve coupler (box clamp)
  • Joint pin


Single coupler

it is the best used for connecting transoms and toe boards. load capacity should be 65 kg.


BRC ( board retention coupler )

it is the best used for the stability of one plank to another plank and its load capacity should be 565 kg


Double coupler

it is the best used for connecting the ledgers with the standards .and its maximum load standard capacity is 610kg


Swivel coupler

it is used for the connecting bracing and outrigger .it can be rotated by both sides .and its safe load working capacity is 610kg


Girder Coupler

it is used for connecting tubes with structures and beams. it is too strong and its safe load working capacity is 3000 kg. it is not used in single always with a double clamp.


Ladder coupler

it is used to secure the ladder on the scaffolding .and its safe load working capacity is 500kg.


Sleeve coupler ( box clamp )

it is used for connecting one standard to another standard in the vertical direction and horizontal directions. and its safe load working capacity is 550kg.

Joint pain

is also used for connecting two tubes. under compression loading, this joint pin is capable of taking the full capacity of the scaffold tube.




 Ques: What is the purpose of scaffolding

Ans: To elevate and support the workers and materials in construction works.


Ques: What is the advantage of scaffolding

Ans: To provide safety, boots productivity, temporary support, and stable balance at height


Ques: Why is the scaffold important in the construction

Ans:  It enables to move workers in any direction with safety to complete the work.



Scaffolding is an important part of any height work in construction. it helps workers and materials elevate from ground to top. and it creates a safe working platform at the site. and avoid the hazards at the site .so for every civil engineer, it’s important to have complete knowledge about scaffolding work.

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